Oxana Grebneva is the pianist, who in recent years  has presented various musical programmes, such as „B-A-C-H“,  „The musical jorney to Italy“, „Miniatures in As“, „Traumgekrönnt“ and many others, that combain literary and musical features. Oxana Grebneva graduated from music college in her home town Kurgan in Russia,where she attended piano classes by professor Wladimir Kushwid. She received two different Diplomas – one of a pianist and one of the musicologist. During those years Oxana made her first recordings for radio and TV.


In 1994 the pianist began her study at the Moscow Gnessin Academie of Music in the class of professor Ekaterina Derzavina. At that time Oxana Grebneva played several recitals at different concert stages of Moscow, such as Scrjabin-Museum, Tshekov, Sheremetiev-Museums, in different musik kolleges and the Moscow Gnessin Academie. After graduation Oxana Grebneva moved to Germany, where she started her career as concert pianist. She played concerts, solo and with the orchestra , gave chamber concerts , accompanied opera singers and choirs. She made various recordings, such as Beethoven, Schubert and Bach. Oxana has a rich repertoire, including works of Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Mendellsohn, Chopin,  ,Scrjabin, where Bach plays a central and very important role. Resently Oxana recorded the Bach,s 1st volume of „The Well Tempered Clavier“.